Antigua California Heritage Appreciation (ACHON)

#52 Calle Emiliano Zapata
Along with its natural history, the Culture of Old California deserves a more prominent place in Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Antigua California Heritage Appreciation (ACHóN) group is dedicated to promoting and educating the local and visiting public to the unique history of the peninsula via documentary films, a cultural gallery in Loreto, and gathering oral histories from elders in BCS communities. ACHóN – Project #1 – A Documentary / Story LA RECUA. An Historic Mule Pack Trip – On Film ! Dario Higuera Meza was a key subject for the documentary Corazon Vaquero filmed in 2007 in the mountains and ranches of Baja California, Mexico. Saddle-maker, leather-worker and natural teacher, Dario, at age 70, dreams to ride the fading trails of the lower California peninsula with his RECUA (pack-string of donkeys). A part of the film describes how the traditional pack-string equipment was made or gathered; part describes the history of the old falluqueros (peddlers) and their lifestyle; and in general the story will be dedicated to how our present-day burros (donkeys) and arrieros (herdsmen) are re-enacting an era of commerce, that was key to livelihood and ranching culture for centuries on the roadless lower California peninsula. Amigos old and new will ride along on LA RECUA journey, exchanging memories of the past and enlightening viewers to the concept of pre-highway peninsular travel. Filming Timeline – March 25th to April 15th - The Ride has been Filmed! Next Step - Edit and Produce the Documentary. See Facebook - La Recua Dario’s Dream for some fun photos along the trail.