Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust Fund


Barbuda and its people have experienced total devastation in the wake of Hurricane Irma. On September 5, 2017 the island began to experience 185mph winds, 15ft waves, and widespread flooding. One person has died, and over two-thirds of houses and buildings were destroyed in the storm. After the hurricane, the government ordered a mandatory evacuation to the island of Antigua, where Barbuda’s 1,800 residents currently live in shelters or with family and friends. Humanitarian relief for Barbudans is needed immediately, restoration activities will likely take years as the population eventually returns to the island.

The “Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust” (BRCT) is an emergency-relief fund to help rebuild the island of Barbuda after Hurricane Irma. All donations will go directly to support of Barbuda and its people, including humanitarian response, restoration of the island and rebuilding of the community. Please donate now to support the people of Barbuda.

The Waitt Foundation will match donations made to the Barbuda Recovery & Conservation Trust up to USD $250,000 to reach the initial fundraising goal of USD $500,000 with the hope to raise more over the next weeks and months. The Waitt Institute will coordinate with Barbuda’s local government, the national Government of Antigua & Barbuda, and all aid agencies. If you represent one of these agencies, please contact

Since 2013, Blue Halo Barbuda, a partnership between the Waitt Institute, Barbuda Council and the Government of Antigua and Barbuda, has supported the development and implementation of sustainable ocean policies. We now turn our attention to helping Barbuda recover.

100% of all contributions will be used only on expenses related to supporting the recovery of Barbuda and its people. Please view our full transparency policy statement at