Camino Real de las Californias UNESCO - CAREM Subfund

Calle Tiajloc Nl. 400, Col. Cuauhtacmoc, Tecate, B. C., MX. 21470
P. O. Box 280
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Your donation to the UNESCO Camino Real de Las Californias CAREM Subfund supports the Bi-National initiative of a UNESCO World Heritage Nomination for El Camino Real de Las Californias. World Heritage Designation by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) signifies being of special cultural or physical significance. There are nearly 1,000 designated sites worldwide, including 33 in Mexico and 23 in the United States. El Camino Real de Las Californias would be the first Bi-National Nomination for the two countries. The Camino Real de Las Californias represents a cultural route that will be of universal value.