Casa Arcoiris

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Baja California
Casa Arcoiris is proud to be the first shelter in Tijuana that focuses on the specific needs of the migrant LGBTQI+ community. Since 2018, over 250 LGBTQI+ migrants, principally asylum seekers, have passed through Tijuana, and have received shelter, medical attention and legal services from projects related to Casa Arcoiris. Your support will help us sustain our work to provide these human rights for the increasing numbers of LGBTQI+ migrants. Casa Arcoiris is a grassroots organization founded in 2018 by local Tijuana activists to support LGBTQI+ migrants as they prepare to petition asylum in the United States or Canada, or adapt to new lives in Tijuana or other parts of Mexico. Our project is one designed to last, with the capacity to adapt to the changing circumstances in Tijuana, even as international attention on the crisis here fades and volunteer support becomes less reliable. Attention and support come and go, but the need for safe space is a constant one, and Casa Arcoiris aims to meet that need in a consistent and sustainable way. Casa Arcoiris is currently operating in a temporary facility that has the capacity to host a maximum of 40 migrants, with an experienced staff on site at all hours. Staff and volunteers coordinate to provide health care, psychological support, legal support, transportation, activities, arts, and education to the residents and foster a sense of community. It is our intention to secure a permanent facility with a capacity of housing 100 members of the LGBTQI+ community in 2019. Help us accomplish our goal to establish a permanent shelter in Tijuana by donating and sharing our fundraiser with your networks! Para leer más sobre Casa Arcoiris en Español, favor de visitar nuestrx sitio web: