ICF Education Fund

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National City
United States
From July-September 2018, the ICF Education Fund will support the fundraising efforts of Backyard Dreams to establish an education fund for girls who currently live at Niños de la Promesa orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico to continue their educations after they turn 18 and become independent. Niños de la Promesa is home to 41 children in Tijuana, Mexico. All of these kids have a history marked by abuse - physical, verbal, emotional and sexual. Tijuana is a hot spot for child sex trafficking as the busiest land border crossing in the world and more than 1 in 4 sex workers reports being forced into the sex trade as a child. At NDLP, they are taken care of and provided the food, shelter, familial community, support and schooling they need until they turn 18. However, once the girls age out of the orphanage at 18 years, they are on their own. Tijuana is a very hard place to be a young woman with a painful past and no resources. Without family or money, they struggle to start an independent adult life. Worse, brothel recruiters frequently prey on their insecurities; they often falsely offer them stability, glamour and money for "modeling" opportunities and provide drugs in an effort to trap them in addiction, isolating them and moving them to new locations, so they have no choice but to stay in an extremely dehumanizing lifestyle. For a limited time, a generous matching donor will double the impact of donations to this campaign! The ICF Education Fund is dedicated to strengthening key organizations that work to keep kids in schools, increase access to high quality education, and develop 21st century competencies for youth in in targeted communities in Mexico and Latin America.