inSite/Casa Gallina,AC.

Sabino 190, Santa Maria la Ribera
Mexico City
inSite/CasaGallina is the sixth edition in the twenty-year trajectory of projects developed through inSite, a continental nonprofit cultural organization founded in 1992 in the San Diego/Tijuana border region. As inSite has evolved over the past two decades, each version has reinvented and refined a practice of commissioning artists to undertake projects in the context of residencies in communities where we have forged networks to facilitate research and production. Over time, we have become increasingly interested in supporting work engaged in the possibility of activating the public sphere through co-participative experiences and creative processes that are complex in aesthetic, curatorial, and ethical terms. inSite/CasaGallina is conceived as a processual project that will develop over a span of five years, from 2013 through 2018. inSite/CasaGallina operates in a neighborhood, Santa Maria la Ribera, in the megalopolis of Mexico City.