inSite Proyectos de Arte, A.C.

Baja California
Founded in 1992, INSITE is an initiative committed to the production of artworks in the public sphere through collaborations among artists, cultural agents, institutions, and communities. INSITE has produced six editions over the past twenty-eight years, each with a different curatorial and artistic perspective, but always privileging the long-term engagement of artists developing projects conceived for specific contexts. The conceptual framework of INSITE is rooted in the notion of the public—both in the context of experiences, interventions, and installations in the public domain, and of geographical spaces that have inspired artists to imagine the civic and social arena.For over two decades, INSITE has been recognized as among the most relevant contemporary cultural initiatives in the Americas producing groundbreaking art projects in the public sphere. As planning for the seventh version of the project gets underway in 2019, INSITE remains committed to serving as an incubator for innovative artistic and curatorial practices that seek to create provocative contemporary cultural experiences.