International Disaster Relief: Mexico City, Puebla, Morelos


ICF is available to respond to natural disasters worldwide at the request of donors, partner organizations, and local grantees.

Currently, all contributions to the International Relief Fund: Mexico City, Puebla, Morelos will aid in the recovery of the damage caused by the magnitude-7.1 earthquake that struck these regions on Tuesday, Sept. 19th, 2017.

The earthquake, which hit on the 32nd anniversary of the historic 1985 Mexico City earthquake, caused significant damage and deaths throughout these cities. Over the past year, ICF has worked with local organizations to cover both short term basic needs and longer term reconstruction. However, the reconstruction and economic reactivation of these communities who lost their homes and businesses is a long process. In order to ensure long term sustainable development and resiliency, ICF and local partners such as Ambulante/Levantemos Mexico, the InterAmerican Foundation (IAF), and local Mexican Community Foundations are investing in disaster-preparedness trainings, economic recovery, and infrastructure.

Please direct questions to Leticia Martinez at or 619-336-2254.

Directly following the devastation of the earthquake, ICF established this fund to support the emergency needs of the affected communities. ICF waived all administrative fees to ensure that funds went directly to support earthquake relief in five Mexican states. Going forward, ICF will charge its standard 7% grantmaking fee to ensure that we can provide sufficient programmatic and financial oversight on all grants related to earthquake recovery in the future