Liga MAC Fund

Corner of Luis Castro Street & Margarito Sandez
Col. El Zacatal
San Jose Del Cabo
Baja California Sur
Liga MAC’s scholarship program provides tuition fees, mandatory uniforms and school supplies to students in good academic standing, who are in jeopardy of leaving school because of financial hardships at home. More than 300 students are now (2018) enrolled in nine local junior high schools (Secundaria), five local high schools (Preparatoria), and one university; all public schools in the San Jose del Cabo area. Social workers and administrators in each school recommend students to the Liga MAC scholarship program. Once accepted, students and their parents must sign an agreement with Liga MAC to provide report cards and to participate in Liga MAC’s Community Service projects. Our work does not stop there. We mentor and follow-up our kids along their way by offering a variety of workshops, lectures and educational activities that supplement their preparation for life. We carry out on-going social work services available to them and their families. Each year, student files are reviewed and updated by Liga MAC and school authorities. Students register at the Support Center during June and July, where files are maintained, by school, for each student. At registration, students are provided with vouchers from local stores for school and sports uniforms, shoes and school supplies. Students’ tuition are paid as well. The average cost for tuition, school supplies, uniforms and shoes is approximately $450 USD per student per year. We have delivered to the community of Los Cabos hundreds of educated young adults that have changed not only their lives and the lives of their families and have gone on to become part of the social fabric and development of Los Cabos.