Red de Observatorios Cuidadanos (ROC)

Aquiles Serdán #3745, col.
La Paz

Red de Observatorios Cuidadanos (ROC) (Network of Citizen Observers) works jointly with local, state, and federal authorities to address illegal activities occurring in the Bay of La Paz, particularly fishing and poaching.

ROC provides a mechanism for individuals and society to actively participate in and collaborate with the government, in order to ensure the proper use of public and environmental resources. ROC's field work entails surveillance and monitoring, which help to raise public awareness and improve compliance with the law. ROC has evolved to engage more stakeholders such as tourists, private boats, sport fishing operations, and the local fishermen to support these activities. Ultimately, ROC and these stakeholders hope that a group of committed citizens can address public issues such as protecting the oceans and marine life like fish, which are vital to further economic growth.