Restauremos El Colorado AC

Av. Republica de Costa Rica #273, Int. 1
Col. Cuauhtemoc Norte
Restauremos El Colorado is the first binational water trust created for the purpose of bringing a river back to life and restoring critically-endangered wetland areas in the Colorado River delta. It is hard to believe that this iconic binational river, which carved the Grand Canyon, is mostly a dry riverbed in its delta in Mexico. This reality motivated us to pursue a new path for restoring endangered rivers and associated ecosystems in Mexico by implementing transfers of water rights in an agricultural district for ecosystem restoration. Our mission is to restore instream flows and endangered native habitats of the Colorado River by securing water rights and delivering flows to the delta and wetland restoration projects. Our vision is to transform the dry riverbed into a flowing river with restored native cottonwood and willow forests, where local communities are the stewards of the river. In truth, we are all connected to the river and the river connects us all. Help us let it flow!