Voces y Visiones de Malinalco Fund

Pensamiento s/n
Barrio de San Guilermo
Malinalco, Estado de Mexico
521 555 252 9198

Malinalco, which has been designated a “Pueblo Magico” in Mexico, is a town with a rich pre-Columbian, colonial culture in a beautiful mountainous setting, which has become home to a nationally and internationally diverse community of families.

The mission of Voces y Visiones de Malinalco (VyV)is to provide access to quality education without social or cultural discrimination to all who desire equal opportunities. We innovate education and human development projects in the Malinalco region, aimed at children and young people, their families and teachers from all backgrounds.

In our program, we are working to bring together the diversity of our community and enrich the lives of our children and families so that we meet and interact in an open, caring way.

Our education model has been created to serve our specific community, providing a quality education that also addresses our different cultures, care of the environment, civic education and creativity through the arts.

It is our vision that the individuals who benefit from the educational programs of VyV will lead productive lives and positively influence their surroundings to improve the overall well being of the community of Malinalco.

We provide education programs for over 100 children, their families and the community of Malinalco.