Waterkeepers Baja Californias


The Baja Waterkeeper Fund supports a regional collaborative of ten Waterkeepers working throughout the Baja California peninsula to fight for clean water and healthy communities. Collectively the Baja Waterkeepers monitor over 75 coastal sites for bacteria and pollutants that may pose public health risks. In addition to making the water quality monitoring results available to the public, the Baja Waterkeepers organize community education workshops, beach cleanups, and lead efforts to restore and protect watershed ecosystems.

They have been effective in collaborating with their partners in passing a single-use plastic ban in Baja California Sur. Now they are working diligently to implement this ban by educating their community (businesses, hotels, schools, restaurants, etc.) to focus on changing their plastic use and moving towards a more environmentally conscious choices.

Photo Cred: Richard Jackson, Samuel McLaughlin, ICF Staff